A New Way Sports Fans Can Show Their Loyalty

A lot of sports fans support their favorite teams by wearing hats or uniforms with logos, colors and even mascots on them. If you’re looking for additional ways to show your team spirit, how about painting a room with the exact colors of your favorite team? “Sports fans have a special connection to the colors of their favorite teams,” said sport psychologist Dr. Joel Fish, director, Center for Sport Psychology in Philadelphia and an expert in fan behavior. “Paint is another easy way for fans to bring their teams home with them.” Our featured pic showcases a great way to add color and a bold statement to your sports-loving teen’s room. Check out more bedroom color ideas by clicking Bedroom Decorating Ideas.

To help fans showcase their passion for and support of their favorite teams, some stores are offering sports-themed paint programs, Home Depot among one of them. Through these programs, customers can purchase paint in the exact colors of their favorite professional and college sports teams-even including NASCAR. Here are a few tips on how to add your team’s colors to any room of the house:

  1. Select a feature wall in an area, usually one without doors or windows, to use as a focal point in a room. This wall could be perfect for accenting. The remaining walls may be painted a neutral color for a contrast with the colorful wall.
  2. Additional color may be incorporated with furniture painted and accented with color, or with accessories such as lamp bases, fabrics for throws or pillows.
  3. If your team’s colors include metallics such as silver or bronze, incorporate additional items such as picture frames or chairs.
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