Sports Items are Great Gifts

Whatever the occasion, what are some safe default gifts to select for that hard-to-buy-for boss, friend, or family member? If one of your top answers was something sports-related, you think like the majority of gift-buyers out there hoping their gift will be meaningful and valued.  

Where do I Start? But how can you choose what specific item to get? This question breeds anxiety and stress for many-a-gift-buyer. Team Mantra wants to help make the selection less daunting for you. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Decide What Sport your Recipient is into.
  2. Consider the Gift Ideas Below as options.

Running Shoes

You can’t get wrong with running shoes. Running or walking is the most basic type of exercise one can do. You don’t need fancy gym equipment- just a long strip of road or a nice park would do. Giving your friend or family running shoes will give them the opportunity to step up their fitness regimen.

Gym Equipment

If your friend or significant other cannot go to the gym, why not let the gym go to him or her. You can start with dumbells, resistance bands, stability balls, heart-rate monitors and/or workout videos.  All of these can help them get on their way to fitness without leaving home.

Fishing Gear

If your dad is one of those fishing aficionados, you can give him a new set of fishing gear. You can start by taking a look at the gear being sold at your local department store or online. One good gift idea is a portable line spooling station. This type of gear is easy to transport and often comes with a built-in stripper and cutter and can accommodate spinning, fly reels and bait casting. You could also consider a fillet knife.

Golf Equipment

What is in golf that makes a lot of people happy? Well, you may never find out, but if that is the sport that gets your loved one going, why not get him or her some golfing equipment? You can start with the clubs that he may be missing in his golf bag. How about giving her a set of new golf clubs to replace the old ones that she has? Golf equipment remains one of the top sporting gifts given year after year.

Sporting Apparel

Favorite Professionals

If your friend or significant other loves her favorite professional team, why not give them a replica jersey? Official apparel from their favorite NBA, NHL, MLB or NFL team could surely brighten their birthday or holiday. You can get the replica jersey not only of the favorite team but also their favorite player. You could also consider getting autographed apparel.

Personal Designs

Another great option is to get your loved one apparel designed specifically for their company, school, or personal sports team.  Team Mantra can take the individual’s message and logo and create a look specifically designed for that person.

Whether a birthday, anniversary, or holiday is approaching, consider getting a sports-related gift for your loved one. Let Team Mantra design something personalized for you today!

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