Game Worn Sport Gear

The popularity of the National Football League and the advent of football teams’ personalized jerseys have infused new life into team equipment. Team uniforms have become a trendy and desirable fashion accessory. The simple jersey once-and-for-all has laid aside any “work-clothes image”, and has completely become a symbol of heroism, achievement, team spirit and triumph.

From Tired to Tricked Out

Originally, sports jerseys were just seen as a part of a team’s regular equipment. In fact, traditionally, football players, for example, had no option but to wear jerseys that were plain with long sleeves and much heavier than their today’s National Football League equivalent. From a critical standpoint, one reason that team equipment lacked popular appeal was that it used to be simply that—just a part of the team equipment—no fancy embellishments or add-ons.

NFL players’ jerseys now have shorter sleeves, more interesting and fashionable colors and innovative patterns. A great deal of attention is now given to the design, appearance and appeal – not to mention marketing – of team equipment.

Sports fans of all ages now proudly show off replica matching jerseys to support their favorite teams.. Wearing the jersey of their favorite team or individual player is now a personal style statement of the younger and older generations too. This change is the reason for the incredible increase in the demand for sports equipment, particularly team jerseys.

Rising Popularity of American Football

Also, the immense popularity of football as a major American sport has further enhanced the popularity of the jersey. There are a great many opportunities for football fans to follow their chosen sport, among them:

  • NFL Football
  • College Football
  • NCAA Football
  • Monday Night Football

This has all added to the growing demand for collecting game worn sport jerseys and team gear. A growing army of people young and old now have a passion for collecting authentic game worn football and replica jerseys of NFL stars.

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