The Responsibility of Being a Coach

Whether we are talking about professionally sanctioned sports or organized youth teams, it makes no difference. Coaching in sports is an awesome responsibility. Learn more on what a coach is and how to be a great coach. Some may ask, “What exactly is a coach?” Well, the dictionary defines a coach as “a person who teaches and trains the members of a sports team and makes decisions about how the team plays during games.” Coaching entails the application of sport tactics and strategies during the game or contest itself. Most coaches are former participants in the sports they now coach. But, being a coach doesn’t mean they have to be able to play the sport. Many coaches are extensively trained in the sport they coach even though they were never participants. But, being a coach means that the coaching goes past just the game. Coaches not only have the responsibility of teaching the fundamentals of their chosen sport, but they are entrusted to guide the athletes as individuals, as well as offer an example of behavior for the team to follow. Coaches are role models for their players, both on and off the court. While different sports, as well as the different sports organizations that coaches work for, all have their own set of rules and regulations, there are a few fundamentals that all coaches are expected to follow.

  1. For example, unwritten rules of sportsmanship exist that all coaches are expected to follow and enforce with their team. These ethical standards cover such things as fair play and the integrity of the team as well as the individual athletes
  2. Coaches must also ensure that their players are safe and protected during both practices and games.
  3. They are expected to provide and maintain a drug free environment, ensure respectful conduct among the players.
  4. They are expected to keep current on any new provisions that might come into being that relates to the sport they are coaching. Being a coach is no easy feat!

With the large number of sports being played, the diversity of the players, and the qualifications to be a great coach, many coaches find themselves in need of an education that will better equip them to handle a certain group of athletes. Classes explain coaching from every angle; from how to influence the players, how to motivate players, as well as how to build team spirit. Being a coach in sports is not an easy job, but it does have the potential to be a rewarding one. Now speaking of coaches, are you looking for shirts for your coaching staff to wear? Check out Team Mantra Wear! We have unique solutions for your team.

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